Batavia was the name of Jakarta during the Dutch colonial period in Indonesia. The room design is based on colonial Javanese style. The centerpiece is an eighty-year-old solid brass bed with a white cloth drape streaming from a corona bed decoration above like a princess crown. Romantic ambience permeates every corner of the room. Rose gardens blossom on two sides by the porch. The sidewall extending to two glass windows under the sidewall gable gives the feeling of the high ceiling in a chapel. The name Batavia Princess depicts the room well.

(US$) / room

Single Double Triple
30 40 50
25% off when you book 7 nights and up

10% tax excluded.

What's included:

l Daily full breakfast served

     In bed

    On the terrace

     In the Kiosk Chinois

l Room with ceiling fan, verandah, and hot bath/shower

l Daily complete Victorian/Viennese afternoon tea

l Use of air-conditioned library/music parlour

l Use of jungle bathing pool

l Nightly essential oil room service

Also available:

l Transportation arrangement

Cottage Roof Bedroom

Dacha Cottage

Room view


Room view

Palace Roof Room View Dacha Cottage Room View Daybed Room View

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