The design of this room was inspired by the Samurai golden tearoom in the Osaka castle in Japan. The Cinnabar Tearoom is a compact but refined Japanese room. This is the only tatami (Japanese mattress) room in all the bungalows in Matahari, and a special Chinese red cotton paper called Leng Jin Shuen covers the walls. The two traditional Japanese Ukiyo-e paintings of a landscape and a Japanese geisha are more than one hundred years old. Lacquer-ware from Japan and China is displayed in a cabinet. In addition to tatamis, a black mattress is provided for comfort. A Japanese Zen garden of fine stones separates the room and bath, which is fenced by black bamboo and features a big round wooden bathtub. The porch floor is from a wall of teak wood from an old Javanese house which the owner tore down for renovation. The faded scratches and marks on the wood further enhance the shabby chic decor of a classical Japanese room.

(US$) / room

Single Double Triple Quadruple
35 45 55 65
25% off when you book 7 nights and up

10% tax excluded.

What's included:

l Daily full breakfast served

     In bed

    On the terrace

     In the Kiosk Chinois

l Room with ceiling fan, verandah, and hot bath/shower

l Daily complete Victorian/Viennese afternoon tea

l Use of air-conditioned library/music parlour

l Use of jungle bathing pool

l Nightly essential oil room service

l Fresh exotic flower in rooms and for bathtub

Also available:

l Transportation arrangement


Stone bathtub

Bedroom Hot bath Kimono Stone wall shower Bamboo screen
Stone Bathtub Zabutan Hot bath Cozy bed Stonw wall shower Bamboo screen

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