Dearest Mrs. and Mr. Smith,

How exciting that you have confirmed your reservation! We will be so glad to receive you. We will have the king size bed prepared for you. We now are able to reserve for you the Barong Cottage on November 16th and 17th, 2007. Enclosed is a letter of your confirmation. (Deposit information is as below.)

Is there any special diet that we need to take consider? According to some of the touristsˇ¦ recent comment, some taxi or pickup service drivers will take you to expensive souvenir shops on the way to Ubud where they can get a high percentage bonus. We would suggest you to say no to these offers if they happen. On the other hand, the private drivers with whom Matahari associates will never take you to any place that you don't wish to go. For airport pickup service reservations with Matahari's driver, simply drop us a note with your flight information in it including the flight number and the exact arrival date and time. Our driver will be waiting for you with your name when you come out of Customs. The fee of 150,000Rp for airport pickup service can be added up later to your room bill. Your airport pick up service has also been booked and confirmed as shown in the attachment. Also enclosed is a simple map of our location for your convenience.

May we remind you that Bali has charged tourists for visa on arrival since February 2004. Staying less than 3 days (included) is 10USD, 4 days to one month is 25USD. The maximum stay is one month. Make sure you have the exact change ready for paying the fee at the visa counter before lining up at the immigration counter as sometimes they don't give your change back. Also they randomly require tourists to provide two 2-inch snap shot photos, so it's suggested to have these ready, too. By the way, if you plan to bring USD to Bali for exchange, remember USD issued before 1996 (included) is not accepted by all Money Changers here in Bali. Also larger denominations always get a higher rate. Furthermore, due to large quantity of fake USD paper bills, most countries in South East Asia stop accepting USD bill that comes with a series number that begins with CB. The current exchange rate of USD to Rupiah is at 1 to 9,000.

In addition, may we also draw your attention to this temple anniversary ceremony on November 24th at Pura Dalem Tenggaling, Singapadu village, district of Sukawati, less than 20 minute drive from Ubud. On this date, itˇ¦s also called "Tumpek Landep" day the day devoted to Sanghyang Pasupati when blessing ceremony is given to herlooms, weapons and  all tools and implements made of metal, for magic power and proper function throughout Bali. On November 24th, itˇ¦s also happened to be the full moon of the month that Hindu ceremonies are observed in almost every household.

Should there be anything we are able to assist you with better arranging your trip to Bali, please feel free to drop s a note any time. We wish you a very wonderful and memorable trip.

Yours sincerely,

Matahari Cottage Bed and Breakfast

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Deposit instruction:

The deposit of your reservation is USD60 (one day rental before tax and discount.) You can make the payment by simply clicking on the button of "Pay On Line" on our home page and filling in the amount. PayPal secure website will guide you through. Once you have done that, both you and us will receive a notification from PayPayl by email with a receipt number on it. Thank you very much for your assistance.

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Reservation Sheet


Matahari Cottage Bed and Breakfast

Guest name: Lauren Smith
Jl. Jembawan, Ubud, Bali, Tel:62-361-975459,

Date Room name Rate(USD) Spa
Treatment Others
Unit Price Time:
2007/11/16 Others
Airport pickup 1 150,000 12:05 Singapore Air, SQ942
2007/11/16 Barong 52.8
King size bed
2007/11/17 Barong 52.8
King size bed
Total USD105.6
Rp. 150,000
Total USD105.6
 (20% discount and 10% tax included) Rp. 150,000
page1of1 2007/10/28

simple map

¤ĺ¦r¤č¶ô: 7 minute walk from here