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Dear Matahari friends and potential guests,

The inn-masters of Matahari Cottage Bed & Breakfast, Steven and Sean, are scheduled to go to Europe for two and a half months for their vacation starting from May 25th to August 15th. They are offering their lovely cottages free for you to stay if you are to trade your accommodation. It means that if you are willing to be the host to receive them or simply just offer a place for them to stay, you can therefore on your trip in Bali stay at Matahari Cottage Bed & Breakfast for free for the number of days that they stay at your accommodation. It will be much more convenient for their trip if you happen to have an accommodation at the cities mentioned below: Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Prague and Stockholm or the cities in France, Germany, Spain, or Scandinavia. We hope this will be a wonderful opportunity for them to get to know more of the world and its people, also will be a wonderful start of your trip in paradise Bali.




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