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In-room Massage

Full Body Massage: one hour full-body oil massage combines Balinese strokes and Chinese acupressure.

(One hour, Rp.70,000 per person)

Royal White Mandi Lulur: Starts with a white water lily floating in a silver aroma oil burner permeating your room with scent. After a one hour full-body massage, your body is covered by white Lulur, a traditional Balinese spice combined with porcelain kaolin earth to exfoliate your skin. This is followed by a yogurt skin-soothing treatment and a white flower bath. Complimentary white chocolate fondue with white fruits, including apple, lychee, and mangosteen accompanied by white sesame cookies and almonds is served while you soak. After your hot soak, return to your massage table to be anointed with whitening lotion and dusting talc. (This treatment is only available at the moment at the Barong Cottage, Primitive Room, and the Cinnabar Tearoom.)

(Two hours, Rp. 150,000 per person)

Lexxus Bio-Mask Facial: Pamper your face as you drench yourself in the exquisite luxury of our exclusive American Skindulgence facial technology followed by a Balinese scalp massage and avocado skin-soothing treatment. Youll feel years younger in just 60 minutes.

(One hour, Rp.70,000)



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