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An Eco-Lodge in Bali...
Since the year 2000,Matahari's policy has been adherence to the lofty principles of environmental sustainability.

Using compact fluorescent light bulbs wherever possible
Installed a 300 liter solar water heater from Australia in 2000
Paid Employees tuition for environmental training form non-profit Eco-Trainers
Joined ABC recycling program in 2001
Cleaning-up of ravine and responsible garbage disposal through city requiring registration and fees
Paying a living wage to all employees
Growing fruit in our garden for our guests
Hand washing and line drying linens using a minimum of detergent
Using recycled and antique building materials and furnishings
Selecting ceiling fans over air conditioning wherever placement of antiques allows
Using mosquito coils rather than hiring resort pesticide spraying services
Encouraging local participation and fueling local economy via family style management
Showing respect for the Environment through daily Balinese religious offering to the river and the land
Encouraging ecotourism principles by offering guests low impact alternatives
Conserving Bali's biodiverse heritage through recent Peace Garden Initiative
What are we doing so far?
Matahari Cottage Bed and Breakfast has received a heart from  The Natural Guide