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Singa (a winged lion in Hindu mythology) in the shower room, and the Barong (a strange, fun-loving creature in the shape of a shaggy semi-lion, representing the good spirit in Hindu mythology) bathtub set the mood of the Barong Room. The stone carved Singa was handpicked from the wares of forty stores in a famous stone-carving village called Negari near Ubud. Hot water will spout from the Singa's mouth. The Barong was hand-carved on site. The whole bathing area is located in an outdoor garden, which gives you a feeling of breathing with the Universe while bathing. The interior decoration is traditional Balinese style. The bedcover and curtains are the best found at the most famous cloth street called Sulawesi in Bali.

Room Rate

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Rate (USD)/Room

What's included:

l Daily full breakfast served

     In bed

    On the terrace

     In the Kiosk Chinois

l Room with ceiling fan, verandah, and hot


l Daily complete Victorian afternoon tea

l Use of air-conditioned library/music parlour

l Use of jungle bathing pool

l Nightly essential oil room service

l Fresh exotic flower in rooms and for bathtub

Also available:

l In-room massage/"White Lulur" bath treatment

l Transportation arrangement









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