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Barong Cottage

Singa (a winged lion in Hindu mythology) in the shower room, and the Barong (a strange, fun-loving creature in the shape of a shaggy semi-lion, representing the good spirit in Hindu mythology) bathtub set the mood of the Barong Room. The stone carved Singa was handpicked from the wares of forty stores in a famous stone-carving village called Negari near Ubud. Hot water will spout from the Singa's mouth. The Barong was hand-carved on site. The whole bathing area is located in an outdoor garden, which gives you a feeling of breathing with the Universe while bathing. The interior decoration is traditional Balinese style. The bedcover and curtains are the best found at the most famous cloth street called Sulawesi in Bali.


Primitive Room

The primitive room is located in the most tranquil corner of Matahari, its two windows facing a tropical jungle and a lush green garden respectively. A floral painting by a Balinese artist named Dewa covers the entire main wall and lends a feeling of sitting in an overgrown jungle. The Timor pandok (a wooden primitive bed) and the aboriginal decoration motifs from Borneo complete the room's primitive atmosphere.


Indian Pasha

The lordly presentation of an Indian Pasha is represented by the velvet-covered double platform bed, and the bed cover of a fifty year old antique Indian Sari backed by ivory white satin stitched with golden thread in a silk leaf motif. Large velvet pillows with silver tassels manifest the essence of decadent Indian luxury. A painting in an ornate wooden frame, depicts the thriving era of the Indian Mogul dynasty. It was painted by the Dutch traveler Vanden Grooten in the 18th century and later etched for publishing. A day bed scattered with embroidered classical Indian pillows is placed on the porch. With the cool wind blowing from the jungle, one could easily fall into a serene sleep and forget space and time.


Cinnabar Tearoom

The design of this room was inspired by the Samurai golden tearoom in the Osaka castle in Japan. The Cinnabar Tearoom is a compact but refined Japanese room. This is the only tatami (Japanese mattress) room in all the bungalows in Matahari, and a special Chinese red cotton paper called Leng Jin Shuen covers the walls. The two traditional Japanese Ukiyo-e paintings of a landscape and a Japanese geisha are more than one hundred years old. Lacquer-ware from Japan and China is displayed in a cabinet. In addition to tatamis, a black mattress is provided for comfort. A Japanese Zen garden of fine stones separates the room and bath, which is fenced by black bamboo and features a big round stone bathtub. The porch floor is from a wall of teak wood from an old Javanese house which the owner tore down for renovation. The faded scratches and marks on the wood further enhance the shabby chic decor of a classical Japanese heya (room).


Batavia Dacha

Batavia was the name of Jakarta during the Dutch colonial period in Indonesia. The room design is based on colonial Javanese style. The centerpiece is an eighty-year-old solid brass bed with a white cloth drape streaming from a corona bed decoration above like a princess crown. Romantic ambience permeates every corner of the room. Rose gardens blossom on two sides by the porch. The sidewall extending to two glass windows under the sidewall gable gives the feeling of the high ceiling in a chapel. The name Batavia Princess depicts the room well.

South Pacific

This room, designed for backpackers, features Balinese simplicity. A standard bathtub is provided for guests' comfort.



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